Versatile Laser Measurement


The VWA (Versatile Weighing Assembly), is convenient for a wide variety of weighing applications. Its lightweight, all-aluminum construction makes it ideal for use on the workbench or lab table.

The VWA allows you to interface with the electronics of your choice. Whether reading out on a simple digital display, or interfacing with a computer or PLC via analog or RS232 outputs, the VWA provides a multitude of options at a fraction of the cost of most electronic laboratory balances.

Featuring the model LCC-ESP single point load cell, the VWA is available in a wide range of capacities, from 150 grams up to 200 kilograms. In the 150 gram capacity, the VWA is accurate to within 0.06 grams.

The compensation capabilities of the model LCC-ESP load cell allow measurements to be taken from anywhere on the standard 4 inch diameter weighing surface with equally precise results. Other platform sizes are also available upon request. The VWA also features integral, easily adjustable overload protection.