Units: Because we measure as we do

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HISTORY: Units as meters, carat and Richter scale is the word most people know and use. But where the words come from and what they mean completely accurate? Read the stories behind the numbers – sometimes controversial – measurement units.

Pint: Fluid definition

For most hanging word pint inseparably together with a glass of draft beer in an English pub. It is also generally known that in roughly a half liter.Pint
The word comes from the Old French pinte possibly have roots in Latin, and covers a bushel as was once widespread across much of Europe and North America. But there were also some variations – in any application where a pint for a pint, and elsewhere a little over a liter. The only constant rule was that a pint would be an eighth of a gallon, but because the size of a gallon varied accordingly from place to place, it was in practice not much help.
During the 1800s, more and more European states to use the metric system, so the dick disappeared gradually decommissioned. But the British held and and in 1824 they decided to get the order of things. It is statutory to a pint would be equivalent to 568 ml and then it would be all over the empire.
Pint is still used in different ways

Today, however, almost all members of the Commonwealth also gone over to the metric system, and the same has happened in England, where the pint is primarily used for beer, cider and milk. But there are still small pockets of the old space metric remains, and despite the greatly reduced use, there are still regional differences.
In Samväldsmedlemmen Canada uses in certain contexts, the British imperial pint, while a pint in the neighboring country to the south is only 473 ml. In the United States wanted man does not go along with the British attempt in 1824 to standardize, but held on to the local dimension, which is worth noting is a liquid pint.
Indeed, there is also something called dry pint, and it is 551 mL. The latter occurs, for example, in some American cookbooks when to use flour or sugar to bread baking.

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