shutterstock_423503536Thompson Scale Company recently announced its Sonic 350-LW Lift-N-Weigh Checkweighers. These advanced checkweighers provide additional weighing options for companies that package cups filled with various condiments or blister packs that cannot be weighed with a standard checkweigher.

The Sonic 350-LW Check-weigher is designed for stop-motion weighing of packaged products  weighing from 10- to 200-grams with accuracies of up to +/- 0.5 gram. This checkweigher is capable of weighing various items such as thermoformed sauce cups, blister packs, or any other small-surfaced package. Production rates up to 400 units/minute are achievable, depending on the configuration.

The unique design of the Lift-N-Weigh Checkweigher allows it to weigh small packets contained in a carrier that could otherwise not be weighed.
The weighing mechanism is mounted above the conveyor so it can pick the product up off of the carrier. The checkweigher quickly lifts the packets, weighs and releases them back onto their carrier, then generates a true weight before they continue down the conveyor. The process ensures that each packet is being filled, and filled to the proper weights.

This checkweighing system uses a unique suction powered lifter and load cell element that checkweighs a five-packet row of two or more at a time. The precision scale is capable of weighing about 60 rows of five packets a minute or two rows of five in each carrier for 120 total carrier packets weighed per minute.

The controllers for these highly advanced checkweighers can hold 75 unique product setups in memory and display useful information on production as each unit is weighed. The checkweigher controller offers both English and Spanish menus in full sentences for better comprehension by shop floor operators.

These versatile checkweighing systems are available in various configurations to meet specific requirements: food grade (compliant applications), washdown and corrosive applications, as well as hazardous environments up to Class-I, Division-1