Color touch screen

shutterstock_327209234When desired, the Series-8 will control 16 materials at 2-speed feed, by simply calling one of 200 formulas from memory. Each formula can load the materials in any sequence of up to 30 steps. The same material can even load several times within th“across-the-floor” viewing of batch progress, and honest manual override controls that work even e same formula, allowing the bulk material to layer between the minor materials and dramatically reducing mixing times. Target material quantities can be formulated either by weight, or by percent of total batch. Standard control output is 120 VAC, for 6 amp continuous load.

The Series-8 color touch screen is completely intuitive to use, and provides the user over 50 different screens of system information including current batch progress, material usage by-formula, inventory on-hand, and much more. Typical systems can include traditional HMI such as big pilot lights for when the electronics are unplugged.